Kasi Nebuko

mercenary • alchemist • traveler • cook

Honest, outgoing, and friendly, this veteran mercenary manages to get along with practically anyone- or at least fake it well enough to earn her next contract's payout. While violence is an integral part of her career, it is often a last resort. To her, corpses mean legal entanglements and fewer future clients.

Current Storylines & RP Hooks

  • She is the administrator for a small mercenary company consisting of two five-man teams. After completing several major jobs in the Azim Steppe and New World, the company has returned from overseas to resume normal business. The company is presently for-hire.

  • She previously had a bounty on her head placed by an old rival mob family. Although the family backed down after being confronted with the help of friends, a lieutenant has broken away to carry out his own personal vendetta. Some of the expired bounty fliers may still be in circulation.

  • As a traveling sellsword willing to do dirty work, there are few jobs she would balk at taking. Whether it's monster hunting, bounties, shakedowns, hits, or just bartending, as long as Kasi is on the move, gets paid, or finds a challenge, she's satisfied.

  • A growing roadside alchemist, she has a keen interest in broadening her experience in potions, oils, and decoctions. She is also on the lookout for tictures she hasn't seen before, so she can distill them and subsequently learn to create them herself.

  • She makes camp by the roadside at various locations around Eorzea, and often grills freshly-butchered steaks by the fire as a means to attract wanderers like herself. She enjoys meeting new faces and both hearing and telling stories by the campfire.

  • She has occasionally taken on budding adventurers and mercenaries to train in martial arts and wilderness survival. Her lessons are in-depth.

  • She often travels in the company of a Dotharl spearwoman and Qalli songbird. She also possesses the allegiance of a loyal fanatic and a knight protector.

  • She can occasionally be found at the Saisei Bar, where she is on retainer as a bartender.

Past Storylines & Rumors

  • A veteran road-warrior reaching into her 40's, she has made a living as a sellsword, trader, and roadside cook for roughly 20 years. Her specialty is in a sweet-and-spicy jerky.

  • On the job market, she has a reputation for always being true to her word.

  • Skilled in nearly all forms of martial weaponry, she favors the zweihander and polearms above all else. She has almost no magical aptitude, but compensates with professional body-builder levels of strength and endurance.

  • A former convict from a young age, she was sentenced to 5 years in the Gridanian military before being honorably discharged in her early 20's.

  • Among some of the tribes in Gridania, she is referred to as ‘Kinslayer,’ which she earned during an accident where a tribal woman was slain. As a consequence, she was exiled by the tribes.

  • She was a long-time resident of the Shroudwolves, a Miqo’te clan in Gridania, but has not visited in several years due to her exile.

  • Rumors say she once had significant connections with multiple criminal organizations. There are hints she was even a mob boss at one point.

  • Her left eye has a large and ugly scar running over it, leaving that eye dull and lifeless. She keeps the old wound hidden either under her hair or with a strap of cloth.

  • She has a daughter, Tori Nebuko, and a deceased sister, Rhela Nebuko.

Character Artwork

Author's OOC Notes / Contact

  • Typically available weekdays from 4PM-11PM CST, potentially all-day on weekends barring other RL commitments; I prefer to RP in-game; Crystal Datacenter only; I can be reached most easily all-day via Discord at Thunderbolt300#0807

  • Receptive to both short and long term connections; I'm happy to get a mix of slice-of-life, story-driven, business, or even casual campsite or tavern encounters; I treat scenes as being open game for other roleplayers

  • 18 years of RP experience, including extensive dungeon master experience (primarily 3.5 Forgotten Realms, NWN1, WoW, GW1, WildStar, and FFXIV); willing to teach, discuss or RP with any experience level

  • My primary emphasis in RP is improving my characterization, largely through writing storylines catered to the characters involved; I am comfortable with most mature, dark, and adult themes; I am a firm proponent of communication and love constructive criticism

  • Not looking for a Free Company at this time (the mercenary company mentioned above is not an FC); I almost exclusively operate through independent connections

  • As a little bit about me, I'm in my mid-30's, I work as a wireless admin/engineer, I brew my own beer, and I enjoy hiking, travel, anime, writing, DIY projects, and, of course, heavy amounts of gaming!

Last Update: 5/26/2020