Kasi Nebuko

Mercenary - Trader - Traveler - Cook

Past Storylines & Rumors

  • A fairly known traveler of all paths across the world, she has made a rough living as a sellsword, trader, and roadside cook with a specialization in smoked jerky. Inquiries into her obsession with meat has resulted in some travelers learning about her wheat allergy.

  • While she is an avid enthusiast of all forms of melee weaponry and heavy armor, she is known foremost for her absurd strength which is most commonly demonstrated through the use of a zweihander. She has a matching daily exercise routine to pay upkeep on. However, her inability to dodge is equally as legendary.

  • Old rumors seem to suggest that she once had prominent connections or involvement with two underground criminal organizations known only as the 'Coven' and 'Veil.' Some of the rarer rumors suggest she was even a mob boss at one point.

  • She is a long-time resident of the Shroudwolves, a Miqo’te clan in Gridania, and could historically be found there on occasion when she was between jobs or treks.

  • By consulting with Grand Company officials, her military service record could be easily found. She served five years in the Twin Adders before being honorably discharged close to twenty years ago. Her record includes mention of criminal charges levied against her, and her absolution of those charges through exemplary military service. Her commanding officer was a woman named Ally Southway.

  • In employment circles, she had a well-known reputation for always being true to her word. She was also particularly selective of the jobs she takes on, preferring ones that offer significant challenge. She refused to accept jobs that involve a Miqo’te target.

  • She has an ugly scar running over her left eye, which is now dull and clouded with blindness. Rumor has it that a particular Dark Knight inflicted the injury during a job Kasi had taken on years ago. She wears her hair in a manner that obscures the old wound from passing glances.

  • Among some tribes of the Twelveswood, she has most recently earned the derisive moniker, ‘Kinslayer.’ If the account of the incident is to be believed, she murdered an uninvolved tribal woman in cold blood during a battle with outlaws.

Future Storylines & RP Hooks

  • She previously had a bounty on her head placed by a prominent merchant family in Ul'dah under proxy of it having originated from the tribes. The family wanted revenge for a turf war in the distant past, which Kasi oversaw, but didn't want to attract direct attention. Although the family has agreed to a truce after being discovered and starting to suffer financial losses, one of the family's lieutenants has broken away from the family to pursue his own vengeance.

  • She was spotted in Ishgard and Limsa attempting to charter passage to the Far East. She was more recently seen passing through Kugane and a Ruby Sea checkpoint. She can currently be found in the Azim Steppe, in the area of Reunion, doing odd jobs and hunting.

  • She is often seen in the company of a female Dotharl spearwoman.

  • She has taken a keen interest in reevaluating her future goals, affiliations, and ultimately, career. As a part of that, she is looking for new ways to apply herself and her skillset.

Author's OOC Notes

  • 17+ years of RP experience, including extensive dungeon master experience (primarily 3.5 Forgotten Realms, NWN1, WoW, GW1 and FFXIV); willing to teach, discuss or RP with any experience level

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  • I'm also enthusiastic to participate in and contribute to other player's storylines as well!

  • I'm very happy to entertain constructive criticism- c'mon, how else am I going to improve?

  • Typically available weekdays from 6PM-12AM CST, potentially all-day on weekends barring other RL commitments; I can be reached most easily all-day via Discord at Thunderbolt300#0807

  • As a little bit about me, I'm in my mid-30's, I work as a wireless admin/engineer (I'm on-call 24/7 but it rarely happens), I do homebrewing, hiking, travel, anime, writing, DIY projects, and, of course, heavy amounts of gaming!

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